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What if the car you wish to acquire could say to you..."here I am, signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours?"

Well, the car may not, but at Ultimate Motorcars, we can say it!

As your personal car concierge, we do all the research and leg work to find you exactly the car you want at wholesale prices, thousands less then what you pay at a traditional dealer. We save you the countless hours visiting high pressure dealerships, scouring classified ads, and searching the Internet.

Here is how our process works:

1) Tell us what you want.
Let us know the year, make, model, color, and options and let us know what you are hoping to spend to obtain the vehicle.

2) We research it.
We quickly (within 24 hours) research all the national auto auction listings and our wholesale sources to find vehicles matching your wants and needs. This involves sending you as much information about the vehicles as possible (i.e., pictures and other details about the vehicle condition).

Given our extensive knowledge of the automotive industry, we can also consult with you regarding the best options for your vehicle purchase, if for some reason you are undecided on the models/options you desire. If you are looking for something rare, there is no worry here...we will research it until we find it!

3) We make sure it's the right car for you.
Once we find the vehicle(s) you are interested in, we do a thorough background check on the vehicle and title as well as a pre-inspection and thorough post-inspection of the vehicle, to insure that the vehicle is in excellent condition. In most cases, this involves inspections by a certified mechanic, as well as inspections by our dealership personally.

For pre-owned vehicles, if there are any imperfections at all, these are openly disclosed to you prior to your agreement to purchase. We do not buy substandard vehicles for our Customers.

4) We work tirelessly to deliver you the nicest vehicle at the best possible price.
Once you decide on the vehicle you want us to obtain for you, we also agree on the price you are willing to pay. There are no hidden/excessive fees, and all cost estimates will be provided to you ahead of time, in writing.

We agree on a top price that under no circumstances will we exceed in obtaining the vehicle for you.

5) Delivery of your vehicle couldn't be quicker or easier.
There is no mountain of paperwork and countless hours spent in an business office at a dealership. We deliver your vehicle, professionally detailed, with all paperwork ready for your review. We even take care of all the DMV paperwork so you don't have to!


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