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I feel like I have just participated in the reality TV show "Pimp My Ride".

I rode my 1998 Camry XLE into the ground and needed a new car. Howard and Tammy helped me with two previous auto purchases for my sons and I knew that I would be back in their direction for my next vehicle.

I provided a list of sedan options that included Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai--and within the hour, I had a complete PDF file of this beautiful 2006 V6 GLS LX Hyundai Sonata with low mileage and every possible extra, including leather interior, heated seats, and a luxed out 6 CD player stereo. The price was less than half of the original sticker price and it is still under factory warranty!

I needed to get another vehicle quickly and I could not have asked for a faster turn around time.

Thanks again Howard and Tammy! You are both a tremendous team and I will certainly be one of your lifelong customers!

Naples, Florida



I absolutely love this SUV. I have never had such a wonderful car buying experience in my life. Every car that anyone in my family purchase will come from Ultimate Motorcars.

I appreciate the excellent customer service, you guys are really out to satisfy your customers.

Job Well Done - Thanks A lot.

James and Latoya
Tampa, Florida


2006 NISSAN 350Z Enthusiast Roadster Convertible

Thank you so much for making my car purchasing experience so amazingly simplistic! The car drives like a dream and meets all my expectations. Leighton and I look forward to many fun days in the sun driving about town.

Again, thank you for your guidance and commitment locating this special vehicle.

Have a fantastic day!

Tampa, Florida


2006 ALTIMA 2.5 S Special Edition

We just purchased a mint condition 2006 Altima 2.5 S Special Edition from Howard for our daughter. He not only had it serviced and professionally detailed, but also, in true Concierge fashion, delivered it directly to our front door!!

Howard actually puts the fun and enthusiasm back into the car buying process, with his uncompromising work effort and unwavering attention to detail, he was able to procure a car that met our exact specifications at an amazing price that easily saved us thousands of dollars.

Howard went above and beyond what other dealerships do to get us the car we requested, easily making this the most pleasurable car buying experience we have ever had. Thank you again Howard.........as you now have another lifelong customer.

Palm Harbor, Florida


2009 NISSAN 370Z Sport Coupe

What an incredible experience!

The dealerships were playing games with me for over two months. I contacted Howard at Ultimate Motorcars who located and had my DREAM car to me within a week. I still can�t believe it!

My hassle-free experience with Ultimate Motorcars is how the car-buying process should work � THANKS Howard!

Clearwater, Florida



Thank you so much Howard for the easiest and most painless car buying experience EVER!

We are so happy with our Toyota Sienna. We would not have been able to purchase a loaded minivan like this without you. I can't believe you found such a gem of a car. I am recommending you to all my friends looking for a car!

Thank you again. We love it!

Sharon and Brian
Tampa, Florida


06 ACURA TL w/ Navigation

We want to say THANK YOU to Ultimate Motorcars of Florida for helping us find the PERFECT CAR!

We are thrilled with our Acura TL and will definitely contact Howard for any future car-buying needs!


Jason & Molly
Lakeland, Florida


09 NISSAN GT-R w/ Premium package

I love it. My wife likes it... surprisingly. People ask about it and the more publicity it gets the more the value will go up.

Thanks again!

Clearwater, Florida



I had gone to dealerships for months trying to find the exact car I wanted for just the right price. A dealer even told me that I would never find a Highlander for my budget, but Howard said "of course you will" and I believed him. The service was exceptional from beginning to end. Howard was very patient with me and guided me through the process.

He did all of the leg work, all of the searching, negotiating, paperwork, detailed and serviced the car for me, and delivered it right to my door.

This is my third vehicle and this is by far the less tedious process than the previous two. I am telling everyone about the service and how there is a better way to purchase vehicles without the hassle.

Thank you Howard and your family for giving me THE perfect car.

Tampa, Florida



Thank you - Ultimate Motor Cars - for making a long time dream come true.

I never dreamed I could afford a new BMW convertible, but with Howard's help, I was able to get a great deal. Howard steered me to an amazing car and got me a price I could live with comfortably. The car is terrific to drive, and is the envy of everyone that sees it.

Howard once said to me "you drive every day, so you might as well love what you're driving!", and that is so true.

Thank you for all you did to make my dream come true, for most of all, for remaining such a wonderful resource for future needs.




Howard and Tammy,

Thank you so very much. We are enjoying it, it has lots more toys than the older AMG. Sometimes distracting. But Ultimate Motorcars of FL has been terrific. Truly wonderful.

As always thank you for all your help.



08 MERCEDES BENZ CLK 350 w/ Navigation


The car looks great! Jena said she is very happy and car is a pleasure to drive!!!

Thanks for all of your & Tam�s help and efforts!!!

All the best!



06 BMW 325i

Thank you Howard and Tammy for such a wonderful experience.

I had gone to dealerships for months trying to find the exact car I wanted for just the right price. When I got tired of wasting my time, I was referred by a friend to contact Ultimate Motorcars of Florida. That was the best advice I have received. Within weeks you sent me the perfect car to my email. When you dropped my car off, I was more than impressed. It really is perfect!

Your service was first class. I can't thank you both enough for making my car buying experience such a pleasure. I will recommend you to everyone I know.

Thanks again,

Nicole C
Tampa, Florida



Now that I've had a chance to calm down, relax, and drive the car some more, I want to tell you how much I love the car! I didn't want to stop driving it yesterday afternoon! It's a quiet, smooth ride. It handles nice. I love looking at it. The sound system is great! I am very, very happy.

I also want to thank both of you for all you did to make this car happen for me. I also appreciate you taking the extra effort to find another car like it when we were having delays getting this one delivered. I also appreciate how easy, friendly and stress-free you made the whole car buying process.

It was nice working with both of you. Thanks again and best wishes to you and your family.

Chris K




Since buying my Escape Hybrid with Ultimate Motor Cars of Florida Inc. I have already recommended them to my family, friends, and a few co-workers as the way to go next time you are looking to buy a car.

They took the time to answer all my questions and were very happy to search for the exact car that I was looking for regardless of how long it took. Howard was also wonderful about spending as much time as needed with me on the phone answering my questions and helping with suggestions to make the whole process easier. I know I never would have found this car for the price I paid if I had not gone through Ultimate Motor Cars.

Just as important as getting an excellent price and the exact car that I wanted, in perfect condition, was that Howard did all of the negotiating, paperwork, detailed and serviced the car for me, and delivered it right to my front door!

I have always dreaded having to purchase a car because of the games and high pressure tactics that are frequently used at the car dealers. I never expected the whole car buying process to be so easy and enjoyable.

Thank you so much Howard and the whole Ultimate Motorcars of Florida team, I love my new Escape Hybrid!

Palm Harbor, Florida




We've never written a testimonial before, but definitely felt compelled to now. Doing business with Ultimate Motorcars of Florida, Inc. was truly an Ultimate experience.

My husband and I went into this type of buying of a vehicle with reservations. We knew the vehicle we wanted and gave Howard a call. Being visual people and not being able to kick the tires (so to speak) was different. But, through every step of the way, Howard guided us with ease.

We never had any worries, especially knowing Howard had the same high standards as his clients. When Howard found the perfect 2008 Pathfinder, he stopped at nothing to make sure he got it for us. His added personal touch even extended into the music he put into the CD player, which was quite a unique surprise when he delivered the vehicle. The next day we had a small issue arise and Howard resolved it within an hour. Tammy, as well, was wonderful in getting all the paperwork filled out and processed in a timely matter and answering any questions that came up.

The Golden Family is truly blessed to have crossed paths with such a wonderful and thoughtful business owner such as Howard. We will tell everyone we meet, that Ultimate Motorcars of Florida is the only way to buy a vehicle.

Richard and Tracy
Clearwater, Florida




Thank you Howard and Tammy for a truly amazing car buying experience. You certainly exceeded the my expectations.

What would have taken me months to do, you did in a matter of weeks. I was not wanting to settle for any 3 series, and you were able to find the EXACT model I was looking for. This is undoubtedly the best way to purchase a vehicle, and I cannot imagine buying my next vehicle any different way. There were no surprises, no haggling needed, no stressing finance officer to deal with, and the price discussed in email and phone conversations was the price it took to sign and drive away with this amazing BMW 330i Sport.

Having never gone through the process of using a private dealer, I did not know what to expect. But I can honestly say that after I decided to send the first email, and after starting communications with Howard, I knew this was the right way to go. I got to continue doing what I've done day to day while Ultimate Motor Cars was hard at work looking for MY car.

Thank you guys again so so much for finding me this beautiful car, and making this one of the best car buying experiences possible.

Tampa, Florida



2008 LEXUS GS460

I highly recommend Ultimate Motorcars of Florida, Inc. for your next car buying experience.

I dreaded going to any dealership and dealing with the salesmen and haggling over the cars, price and financing. So much in fact, that I put off buying a new car for years. I decided to call Howard after a coworker bought a car from him and gave a glowing recommendation.

What a difference! Howard gave me the personal attention I needed and sent me several cars each week that fit my criteria. He even sent me some different colors and models that I didn't originally consider. Thanks to Howard, I ended up getting a 2008 Lexus GS 460 with only 5,000 miles over my original selection of a 2008 GS 330 for substantially less and with so many more features and upgrades.

I love my new car and have Howard to thank for it. Howard took care of all the legwork, from getting the best price, to completing all necessary paperwork and even delivered the car personally, already being serviced and detailed. What an easy experience!! All I had to do was pick the car, say yes and sign a few papers.

If you don't choose Ultimate Motorcars of Florida, Inc. for your next car purchase, then you are missing out on a truly convenient and easy way to buy your next car, while saving so much money in the process.

St. Petersburg, Florida




Howard, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone at Ultimate Motorcars of Florida for an extremely satisfying and different buying experience!

When we first started looking for just the right car months ago, I was unsure if we would ever find it. Now, I look out into my driveway, and I see the result of all of your efforts!

I could not have asked for a better car, or a better business to deal with. I will never buy another vehicle from anyone else again. I have already recommended you to several people, and can�t say enough for my entire buying experience. Thank you so much for a great experience, and for the prospect of a long relationship, as I continue to feed my car enthusiasm!

Thank you so much!

Tarpon Springs, Florida




Just wanted to say thanks for making the car-buying process so simple and easy. I wish you had been around for my last couple cars because this really is the way buying a car SHOULD happen. I gave you my price range and what I wanted to get....and you made it happen. You also provided me with just the right amount of guidance, since I didn't know exactly what car I wanted at first, but I knew what features would make me happy. I love my G35 and it's the perfect car for me.

Your service and commitment to your customers is something that "regular" car dealers just talk about. But you live it and believe it. Above all, it's comforting to know that you genuinely want your customers to be happy. And I am. Thanks again!

Tampa, Florida




There is a reason you are Ultimate Motorcars of Florida, Inc. You make the purchase of a car "The Ultimate Experience".

We didn't have to go to a auto dealership for that unpleasant experience of wandering around a car lot for hours looking at everything we didn't want. While having a fast talking car salesman breathing down our necks, leading us on playing their high pressure sales games.

We told you exactly what we wanted and you found a selection of cars that were exactly what we were looking for. We couldn't believe it when we saw this 2006 Honda Odyssey EX-L. This car only had a little over 24K miles and all the extras we were looking for and others we were very surprised it had (especially the Variable Motor Control (VCM) with the V-TECH engine a real gas saving feature!) The car was totally inspected by an authorized Honda Service Dealer and we received the van under the full factory warranty. It can't get any better than that.

The bottom line was we saved ourselves thousands of dollars with a lot less aggravation dealing with Ultimate Motorcars of Florida, Inc. In the future we would never buy a car anywhere else.

Thank you for: "The Ultimate Experience" in purchasing a vehicle.

Sandra and Stefan
St. Petersburg, Florida




Where do I begin? You were the answer to our prayers!

Kira never expected to own and drive a 2005 Honda Accord in such perfect condition. It handles very smoothly, and she loves the color and the sound-system.

Her sister Kristal now wants to know if we will orchestrate the same kind of surprise for her when she turns 21. And Enid has already told most of her family and mine, exactly how you, Tamara and I, completely surprised Kira with this vehicle. She had no clue what she was getting!

You made it so easy to find the right car; and your dedication and willingness to work with my crazy schedule was exemplary!

Please believe me when I tell you very honestly and humbly, that I now count you two as our friends; and I will never use or recommend anyone else for our car buying needs. Please consider my family as customers for life. Ultimate Motocars of Florida made believers out of us!

Orlando, Florida




Howard thank you so much for the easiest car buying experience of my life. I told you what I wanted and you got me exactly what I wanted and for less than I wanted to spend.

I will never go the conventional route again. Why would I ever want to deal with all the hassle and pressure only to get less than you want for more than you really want to spend.

I am convinced that your service is the most innovative and refreshing car buying option available. Dealerships are going to have to rethink their practices because I will never play the dealership 'shell game' again.

Thanks again, Ultimate Motorcars of FL is my recommendation for anyone who is looking to get the best value for their money with this easy and friendly service.

Clearwater, Florida



2007 JEEP

Howard, thank you again!

We love our new Jeep and drive it all over the place!!

Jamie and Nick
Lutz, Florida




Hey Howard, I just wanted to call and thank you again for all the work you put into getting the car for us. Janet�s extremely happy so you did a fantastic job. Thanks again!

Robert and Janet
Tampa, Florida




Thanks for the help on all this. The car is great and everyone loves it! Can't believe it is a 2006.

It's been great doing business with you guys and meeting your great family. You guys are blessed.

Bradenton, Florida




I really think a lot of the way you sell cars. I feel you go the extra mile for customer satisfaction...I am really happy with the car.

Knoxville, TN




We would like to personally extend our gratitude to Ultimate Motorcars of Florida, Inc. for assisting us in the purchase of our beautiful 2004 Lexus 330. The entire process from beginning to end was a car buyer's dream!

There was no stress, no hassles, and no long waits at the car dealer. We felt as if we had personal attention to our every need throughout the whole process. Howard was exceptionally patient and accommodating as we narrowed down the search, and he truly took pride in inspecting the vehicle personally himself. The car was even delivered to our home immaculately detailed to our satisfaction!

Working with Ultimate Motorcars of Florida, Inc. was one of the best car shopping experiences we have ever had and we intend to continue working with them for years to come!

Sincerely, Oscar and Gary
Trinity, Florida




Howard at Ultimate Motorcars, Inc. was able to find the exact car I wanted for the price that I wanted to pay. There was no haggling and no high pressure tactics. Howard made sure that I was involved every step of the way and made sure that all of my questions were answered.

If you want to be completely frustrated with your car buying experience, you�ll have to go somewhere else!

Teri L.
Tampa, Florida

Proud owner of this 2006 Scion XA, she affectionately nicknamed the �Science.�




If I am to be honest I have to admit my reservation going into the process of buying a car from Ultimate Motorcars of Florida knowing I was not going to be able to kick the tires and take her for a spin! This was very difficult for me to work through as I would suspect for many. I am extremely picky and don't take kindly to large purchases when not in person. However, I learned quickly that Ultimate Motorcars of Florida is not your ordinary car dealership. I was treated with respect and TLC throughout the entire process.

The process took nearly 1 month mainly due to my doing. I was not going to settle and put Ultimate Motorcars to the test. Early on, I established and set the bar high. As with anything, quality often requires patience. Ultimate Motorcars of Florida is the epitome of patience and allows the customer to dictate the pace. Howard exceeded my expectations and I have every reason to believe he would do the same for you!

Ultimate Motorcars of Florida redefines the auto industry and gives hope to most of us who have arrived at the conclusion that buying a car is a long, painstaking, and often unrewarding experience full of deceit and deception. I am thoroughly satisfied with my purchase of nearly $50,000. If you place honesty and integrity high on your list of values, Ultimate Motorcars of Florida is the car dealership for you! Howard - I love you man!

Dino F.
Tampa, Florida




I love my Camry XLE. It drives beautifully, is very comfortable and I can always find it in the parking lot because there are many Camrys out there - mostly LEs - but mine is more unique and I think it's a better looking car (very rich looking).

You said you would find me the car I really wanted and you did. Thank you for all the time and patience you put into locating this car. You researched all the cars you e-mailed to me and that was most helpful, as well.

Best regards, Sydelle
Clearwater, Florida




Just wanted to thank you for everything�all of your help and patience especially. All the lists and the vehicle changes and you still hung in there. You're the man. I love the truck� it looks awesome� Overall, the truck is beautiful and you did a great job.

Victor T.
Tampa, Florida




I drove the car today. I love the way it handles. It put a smile on my face and a few other peoples face's as well. Thanks again!

Carol K.
Orlando, Florida




We had a great experience buying our car through Ultimate Motorcars of Florida, Inc. Buying a car can be very nerve racking, but Howard gave us his undivided attention and provided us with great customer service all the way through the process. Howard was very understanding to our needs from the beginning and even though we kept changing our minds on the type of vehicle we were looking for, Howard remained patient and attentive with us.

We finally decided on a Honda Civic and were specific about the features and price range. The car that Howard delivered us was far above our expectations. The quality and features of the Civic were so much more than what we expected for the price range we wanted to remain in. The service that Howard provided us far exceeds what you receive at any dealership.

Brian and Mary
Seminole, Florida




We have been very pleased with our Nissan Altima and we have already started spreading the word about the remarkable service you provide. I've never had such an easy and pleasant car buying experience before.

We gave Howard our vehicle preferences and acceptable price range, and the car greatly exceeded our expectations. We never thought we could get a car like this in our price range. Most of all, it was reassuring to know that Howard could use his expertise to make sure we didn�t buy a lemon.

Thanks for delivering what you promised!

James & Shannon
Tampa, Florida


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